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NewSchool of Architecture + Design - Fall 2018 

AR401 Architectural Design: Integrated Design

Located in front of Seattle’s waterfront, Virnello Cultural Performing Arts Center gives the city a chance to let culture be expressed through art, music, and entertainment. The site where the performing arts center is located, allows for space to gather and unite the diverse population the city. The open promenade is entered
through any side of the site which feels inviting and interactive for people to come together. It is a unique location where visitors can walk through from one side to the other and have a chance to experience
the cantilevered curtain wall, while sitting on an open amphitheater enjoying entertainment. Along with the facade, the building mass is designed with a unique form that intrigues visitors and urges people to go inside the building. As you enter the buiding, a 6 story atrium is viewed from the lobby that connects all floors together
by allowing the spaces to intertwine with one another. Roof surfaces are used for additional public gatherings as a rooftop bar is found at the top of the building with amazing views of the waterfront. With the lack of public squares in the city, this building is a center for all cultures to unite and celebrate the identity of the city and the waterfront through performing arts.

site plan


site analysis

site analysis.png


design process

program analysis


floor plans


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