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NewSchool of Architecture + Design - Spring 2019

AR403 Architectural Design: Focused Topic

Located at the heart of Bay Park in San Diego, Merge gives the experience of a lifetime. With extraordinary views to Mission Bay, it is the spot to be at to enjoy a good night out in Bay Park’s historical bar, Silver Spigot. The new, redesigned bar gives its visitors the option to enjoy a couple of drinks at the bar section, or if visitors are up for some fun, they can enjoy a good time at the game room. The game room and the bar is connected by an open courtyard that makes it feel like home.
Merge into a housing community that is communal. This co-living housing gives its residents to come together and enjoy late dinners or camp fires in the shared dinning spaces and firepit space. This lifestyle is one that students and young professionals won’t want to miss out on. Offering studios and one bedroom units, Merge also has an outdoor, rooftop movie space where residents can enjoy a great time watching films as they like.
It’s a new type of housing that allows you to Merge with others and come together while having fun and enjoying your private life.

site plan

mission bay

bay park

site analysis


design process

typical unit models

floor plans

ground level

level two

level three

typical studio unit

504 sq.ft

typical one bedroom

650 sq.ft



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